Download Practice Papers for AEIS Test
For Primary 2 Admission

Please note that the Singapore MOE does not release Past Year AEIS Test Papers. These Test Papers that are available for download are Singapore School Curriculum Test Papers. Let your child practice the test papers. Once your child is able to answer many questions on the test papers, your child will have a higher chance of gaining admission successfully.

We support many international parents and their children to prepare for AEIS test correctly. Some families prefer private school enrolment before successful admission by AEIS. We advise based on each families’ needs and situation. Some families are not in Singapore. Some are already in Singapore.

We DO NOT charge parents for all services. Yes!  $0! So, feel free to contact Josse or Helen (English & Chinese), Jasmine (Vietnamese), Noriko (Japanese), Erny (Indonesian), Bo (Thai) and Kin (Burmese). Parents frequently ask us whether we charge for the many valuable information and assistance we provide families. Henceforth, we decided to state out in writing that we DO NOT charge. We do not believe in charging when we can easily share and help you with our knowledge and experience.

English Test Papers

Math Test Papers


  1. AEIS Proficiency Assessment The international student will be assessed by a qualified former Singapore MOE school teacher in the first session on the student’s English or Math proficiency.  Recommendation is proposed to better prepare for AEIS.
  2. AEIS 1-to-1 Online Lesson Students taking 1-to-1 online tuition will be able to get personal attention to work and improve on weaker English and Math topics for AEIS Exam.
  3. AEIS Group Online Class To prepare for AEIS exam effectively, students take weekly English and Math group class with additional support from weekly 1-to-1 Online Lesson.
  4. AEIS Preparatory Course Students may apply to study in Singapore or are already in Singapore attend preparatory school full-time from Mondays to Fridays. Send us a text message for more course details.
  5. Primary & Secondary School Enrolment In order not to delay students’ academic year, students are enrolled into a primary or secondary school to continue formal education. These students then prepare for AEIS test in September and S-AEIS test in February. Send us a text message to discuss on the most ideal plan in the interest of your child.


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