Who should take the AEIS test?

AEIS is for international students who are non-Singapore Citizens /non-Singapore Permanent Residents who wish to seek admission into Primary 2-5 or Secondary 1-3 levels of Singapore government or government-aided schools, in January of the following academic year.

Can my child take AEIS/S-AEIS in my country?

No. AEIS is conducted in Singapore.

When is AEIS/S-AEIS held?

Typically AEIS is held in October and S-AEIS is held in February.

How do I register for AEIS?

You may register for AEIS online on MOE’s website – School Offer in July for AEIS test in October or S-AEIS in December for S-AEIS test in Feburary.

Who conducts AEIS?

AEIS/S-AEIS is conducted by Ministry of Education, Singapore

When will I receive the AEIS result?

You will not receive any hardcopy or email notification. You have to check online for AEIS placement results, usually in December, on the School Offer page of MOE website. The dates to check online for the results of school offers are also published on the page.

How will I receive the AEIS result?

No emails or hardcopy notifications will be given. You will have to check the results yourself at the School Offer page of MOE website.

How much does the AEIS test cost?

S$672 with GST.

How can I pay for AEIS?

By credit card or by cheque.

How will my child be allocated a school when he/she passes AEIS?

Applicants who pass the AEIS centralised test will be offered a place in a suitable school based on available school vacancies and the applicant’s performance in the AEIS test. Where possible, the applicant’s intended residential area in Singapore will also be taken into consideration.

Can I choose the school that my child attends when he/she passes AEIS?

No. There will be no school choice and school transfer requests will also not be entertained, as the school offer will be based on the applicant’s performance and intended residential area.

What subjects are tested in AEIS?

English and Mathematics. All papers are in the English language, which is Singapore’s medium of education.



What is Direct School Admission?

Direct School Admission allows your child to be admitted into a school at anytime of the year, subject to vacancies and age criteria. You don’t have to wait for your child to take AEIS test in October only to know the result in December or S-AEIS in February to know the result only in April whether your child has been assigned to a school or not. There are occasions when a child did not do well enough for AEIS and therefore would not be assigned to a school. Hence, valuable time will be wasted.

We are able to help you to apply admission for your child conveniently. You are new to Singapore. You would be busy settling yourself at work as well as settling the family or looking for suitable housing.

Contact us and we would be able to advise you the best course of action for school admission and also how we are able to assist you to ease the registration process.

Who is eligible for Direct School Admission?

Dependant Pass Holder or Permanent Resident is eligible for Direct School Admission, subject to vacancies and age criteria.

Can my child who is neither Dependant Pass Holder or Permanent Resident apply for direct admission without taking AEIS?

Your child is required to take AEIS test unless your child is a Dependant’s Pass holder or a Permanent Resident.

Can my child who is neither Dependant Pass Holder or Permanent Resident apply into Primary 1 this year?

International student may register in the Primary 1 Registration Exercise in August where the child starts Primary 1 formally in the following academic year if the child attained 6 years old by 31st December this year or 1st January next year.

Contact us to check whether your child is eligible to register in the Primary 1 Registration Exercise.

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